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Bodychef We successfully retrain clients’ eating habits through the delivery of a “Total Eating Plan” (TEP). We facilitate safe and effective weight-loss using bespoke meal plans which utilises fresh and healthy foods that are catered to your dietary requirements.

Bodychef delivers the ultimate healthy eating plan straight to your door. Choose from our 13 diet plans, which offer a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, lunches, main meals, desserts, sides and even condiments. We make sure you have the choice and variety needed for an effective, sustainable, healthy, calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced diet. Clients can add any food preferences, allergies, medical conditions, lifestyle choices and religious preferences they may have. We provide customers with fresh food total eating plans, a complete mix of fresh foods required by everyone for a sustainable, healthy diet and we deliver it. Our diets are completely customizable and are bespoke to individuals needs.

Clients subscribing to Bodychef plans typically lose between three and seven pounds during the first week and up to a stone in a month depending on their starting weight, however the impact of a Total Eating Plan (TEP) is not only confined to weight loss. Other benefits include lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and all the feel good factors and benefits that come with a healthy, well balanced diet.

Our diet plans and recipes can be built and based on any predefined nutritional facts (RDA) Recommended Daily Allowance or (GDA) guideline daily amount. Plans are then automatically adjusted based on individual’s preferences. Any type of diet can meet any required attributes before it is seamlessly integrated into the production process. Many new plans can be created using the many combinations of plans and dishes already in production for each delivery.



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Eat Water  We're proud to be the manufacturers of the Slim range, Europe’s best-selling and multiple award winning low-calorie pasta, noodles and rice!

The secret to our success is Konjac - our Slim products are made from a natural blend of Konjac vegetable flour and organic oat fibre we call JuroatTM, that keeps you gently full for up to four hours. Konjac foods have no taste of their own, but are highly absorbent and great with flavourful soups, pastas and curries!

 Our Slim Easy range gives you easy-to-cook sachets of pasta, noodles and rice that just need to be warmed up before serving, and our Slim Ready range provides you ready meals in delicious low-calorie sauces.

And the best part is, konjac products are perfectly safe for Coeliacs, diabetics, and other special-needs diets, as they're gluten-free, sugar-free, very low in carbs, and unless specifically stated (on some of our Slim Ready products) safe for vegans and vegetarians!



 Eat Water



Evolution Slimming is a leading global manufacturer of herbal weight loss supplements, serving over 70 countries worldwide.



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MyJuiceCo offers leading weight loss programmes with meal replacement products for fast effective weight loss, and a simple and inexpensive way to add nutrition from fruit and vegetables to your daily diet. Our products are not only packed with fruit and vegetables but are fortified with vitamins and minerals.


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Saints & Slimmers offer an easy and popular way of losing weight by delivering appetising diet food direct to slimmers.

Our aim is to give slimmers a helping hand to reach their weight loss goals. We’re not a fad diet, in fact we’re not that keen on the word diet (or fad for that matter) – instead think of us as a lifestyle enhancer. First and foremost, we want to provide slimmers with a flexible approach to weight loss that fits in with modern life.

Our food products are supported with a personal slimming plan, website and online community with top diet and exercise advice, all of which are designed with the slimmer in mind. We look at the calories and the nutritional balance of our food to ensure that it’s in-line with the individual slimmers weight loss goals, and we ensure every one of our products taste fantastic too! Say goodbye to bland and boring diet food that tastes like cardboard and leaves you with naughty cravings and say hello to Saints & Slimmers meals that taste great and are full of healthy ingredients.



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Slim & Save is one of the leading meal replacement companies in the UK. We have the highest TrustPilot Score in the industry at 9.6. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we achieve high levels of conversions (20%). Next day delivery and happy customers.





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Slimming Solutions is one of the most successful weight loss sites in the UK!
Established in 2001 our award winning website offers a wide range of slimming and weight loss products including Slim Bomb pills, Hoodia tablets, Acai capsules, Spanx shapewear, Lemon Detox diet, Weight Loss patches, plus much much more.
We are adding to our 120 product lines all the time, and we can offer a weight loss product for every type of slimmer including our own brand products you won’t find on any other site.
We aim to ship all orders same day and our site is 100% safe and secure.



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